Buffet Maharaja

Montréal, Quebec


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food is horrible and they dont clean the restaurant very well. we were brought to a table that had food underneath it and felt sick after i left. i think its over price for the quality of food you get. i'm never going back.

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I saw the picture of all the desserts they have on their web site and I couldn't resist to email them and ask if there are any vegan desserts other than fruit. They responded promptly (which I was impressed by since most restaurants are bad at responding to emails) saying, "Dear valued customer, thank you for visiting our website! We do offer many different kinds of deserts. There are deserts such as the hallawah and the jelapi as well as others that you will be able to eat. Unfortunately, these dishes are not marked, but one of our staff will be happy to help you. If you have any further questions or comments, please do not hesitate to write to us."

I'm looking forward to checking out this place when I go to Montreal!

Buffet Maharaja has been convicted in court (and substantially fined,) for food safety/public health related offences.

The City of Montreal website has details of these infractions along with lists of other offenders and a search engine that allows you to search by restaurant name, street, etc.

Check it out: http://ville.montreal.qc.ca/portal/page?_pageid=2136,2655580&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL&start=1&mois=INITIAL&annee=107&imois=0&url_xml=HTTP://VILLE.MONTREAL.QC.CA/pls/portal/portalcon.contrevenants_recherche?p_mot_recherche=,tous

Unfortunately, the website only lists restaurants that have serious enough infractions (or enough repeat offences,) to be taken to court and convicted - so it isn't a complete list of the many, many dirty restaurants in Montreal.

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quality was fair. variety was excellent. you'll find your standard indian buffet fare with a few oddities (onion rings, french fries). The dessert bar was great (gulab jamun, kheer, kulfi) but also had a couple of oddities (italian napoleons, pancakes).

clean, well maintained. three blocks from the sheraton, where we stayed. ambience was nice.

we arrived at 11:45 am and were the first customers of the day (they open at 11:30). i was a bit put off that they were still vacuuming/cleaning when we got there, and only half of the buffet had been set out. all the items finally made it out to the buffet area around 12:15... odd. Our waitress was lovely and took wonderful care of us.

good food, GREAT value, convenient location. i'd definitely go back.

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