Thai Cafe

Lancaster, California


rating star

Love this place!!! It's probably my favorite place to eat in town because although they are not a vegetarian restaurant, they have lots of veg options! I have been going here for years. They use coconut milk instead of cow's milk, so they have a lot of vegan options for me : ) I love the salad with peanut sauce, the mixed veggies and the yellow curry! Also, they are fairly inexpensive.

rating star

I've been going to this restaurant for the better part of the last decade, and have yet to dislike something I've ordered there. The service is friendly and the food is awesome. Although not a 100% veg restaurant, there are tons of vegetarian and vegan choices. Even when there's a dish not listed on the menu as using tofu/mock chicken etc, you can just ask for the substitution.

Be sure to try the Thai Salad with their to-die-for peanut sauce and the sweet and sour tofu. Good stuff!!

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