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1501 University Ave. SE
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Coffee in the Dinkydome

Coffee/Tea/Juice, Food Court or Street Vendor

Vegan-friendly coffeeshop in the Dinkydome Food Court on the East Bank Campus of the University of Minnesota.

Great selection of vegetarian/vegan-friendly foods including bread and hummus or baba ganouj, soup, and a salad (ask for it without feta) with a very nice vegan Greek dressing. Coffee drinks can be made with soy.

Excellent signal strength for wireless internet access provided by Netsurf and plenty of outlets as well.

There are lots of tables, booths and a couple of nice sofa chairs along the wall.

Added by Stacy Skemp on Feb 5 04 (last updated Jul 31 10)

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I really like the spicy lentil soup, it's cheap, filling, and vegan and it's a great healthy lunch between classes. The coffee shop offers outlets for laptops as well as free wireless and a comfortable place to sit and study.

I haven't tried any of the sandwiches yet, but plan on it.

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I had heard rumors of the cult following of students that gather at Espresso 22, but had always passed it by in the past, expecting typical coffee-shop fare. However, I stopped in today and was amazing surprised! A man who I assume is the owner greeted me at the counter and informed me that almost everything he had that day was vegan (I'm assuming everything besides the obviously non-vegetarian sandwiches). Then, after asking if I was vegan, he told me he had just created a new vegan veggie burger and had made one for himself, but he'd gladly let me have it if I liked it. He gave me a sample and then proceeded to create a wonderful (and huge--we're talking hoagie-sized here!) sandwich for me out of the veggie burger. Plus, he only charged me $5, which is nothing considering how big (and delicious!) it was. As I sat and ate my sandwich, the owner came over to check on me and then proceeded around the room, stopping at several tables to chat with the students, who I assume are regulars. I can definitely see now how this spot is the well-kept secret of Dinkytown--they may not have many options (like a typical coffeeshop), but they make up for it with the great atmosphere and their vegan options! Great place...definitely check it out, and I guarantee that you will leave a happy customer with plans to return!

Update: So I did return to Espresso22, about a week later, and wasn't such a happy customer. I was craving the vegan veggie burger again, but the owner had not yet put it on the menu. He instead offered me a falafel sandwich, and I again reminded him that I am vegan (he didn't even remember that I had been in a week earlier). However, when he brought it out to me, it was slathered with yogurt sauce. Before giving it to me, he asked, "You aren't vegan, are you?" He ended up wrapping it back up and making me a new one, but I was still very disappointed with the service. The falafel tasted similar to the veggie burger, and the sandwich was just a good (and as big!) as before, but the hit-or-miss service is something to consider before going.

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On the corner of University Avenue and 15th Street, above the Student Book Store (SBS) in the Dinkydome Food Court.



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