Ambrosia Natural Foods

Toronto, Ontario


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I have been shopping at Ambrosia for awhile. I remember the African security guard following me around. They renovated and got rid of the security guard but have security cameras all over. I felt that the intercom notified one of their employees to follow me. I will stop supporting this store.

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Terrible customer service. Not only is there no one to answer your questions except maybe in the vitamin section if you try really hard and demand to be helped, they actually have a uniformed, armed guard rudely following customers around and lurking behind corners, as if it is not a health food store in a safe neighborhood catering to health conscious adults who are willing to pay twice as much for their groceries, but a shoplifting-teenager-infested seven eleven someplace unsavory. Very disrespectful. Furthermore the produce and dairy sections are laughably small. I will not shop there again unless I need a specific supplement I can't find anywhere else.

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Produce is overpriced and frequently in poor condition, the state of the washrooms leaves a lot to be desired. Vitamins are competitively priced and well displayed, staff do not have a good attitude towards customers.

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