Sun Tong Luck

Columbus, Ohio


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I've been eating regularly at Sun Tong Luck for over 12 years. The owners (Frank and Helena) are friendly and attentive to vegan requests. The food may not be the most authentic Chinese fare, but I'm willing to sacrifice authenticity because I know when I order vegan food, that's what I'm getting. I've had too many bad experiences at other Chinese restaurants when I find out that they use chicken broth, or I find pieces of egg, fish, or meat in my meals. Helena understands what vegan means, and she tells me that over 70% of her customers are vegetarian or vegan. I believe her, because every time I'm there, I've encountered at least one customer ordering only vegetarian food. I like the vegan spring roll, sesame noodles, tofu with black bean sauce, and the curry tofu. Any dish can be made vegan with the substitution of tofu and vegetables.They also have vegan Pad Thai, vegan lo mein, vegan Singapore noodles, and vegan fried rice.

The setup is fast casual. You order and pick up your food at the counter to eat in the small dining area, or you can get takeout (my preference). They do use styrofoam plates (and takeout boxes) and plastic utensils. I bring my own glass food storage containers from home.

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