Northstar Cafe

Columbus, Ohio

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Cafe that makes most dishes from scratch with organic ingredients

Vegetarian offerings include the Buddha Bowl, Northstar Burger, and the High Street Veggie. Items indicated on menu can be made vegan upon request. Meals cost about $8.

Added on Mar 29 08 (last updated Dec 15 09)

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I was really impressed with the homemade ginger ale, which also contained lime juice and mint. It was like a ginger mojito, minus the alcohol - very refreshing. I thought it was neat that the menu specifically stated which items could be made meat-free and dairy-free.

After reading all of the other reviews, I wish that I had gone with the beet burger for my entree. Instead I got the tomato cheese flatbread minus the cheese (with balsamic-glazed onions instead). The balsamic-glazed onions were great, but I was a little annoyed that they still charge extra for them even when you leave off the cheese. I ended up paying $9.50 for a thin pizza crust topped with tomatoes and a few glazed onions, while if I had ordered the dish as it was listed on the menu, it would have been covered in two types of cheese and cost $2.00 less.

That said, aside from my pricing complaints, I had a very enjoyable meal at Northstar Cafe. I would give them a rating of "great" if they were willing to make substitutions for vegan meals (rather than just leaving out ingredients).

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The food here is pretty good, but it is mostly nice to have the option of going out and eating organic food. Their wine selection is small although they have some good choices.

I usually get a salad and con someone into spliting or giving me a portion of their beet burger.

I just tried some of their tofu BBQ burrito, it was really good.

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Northstar burger

Northstar burger


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