Clintonville Community Market

Columbus, Ohio

Closed as of Oct 31 15

200 Crestview Rd.
Columbus, Ohio
(614) 261-3663


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A community-operated natural foods grocery


Offers organic and locally produce. Grains, beans, nuts/seeds, herbs, meat and dairy alternatives, vitamins, cruelty-free products, and more. Also have a deli offering vegetarian/vegan items such as sandwiches, wraps, and salads. The bulk dept. contains over 400 varieties of herbs/teas/specialty items and vegan supplements including calcium citrate,magnesium citrate and vegan DHA liquid and softgels.

Added on Mar 29 08 (last updated Nov 2 15)

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I love co-ops so this place automatically gets a "great". They have a great selection of bulk and vegan items, but I was disappointed to see so many packaged goods and non-organic produce items. They have a large selection of vegan desserts, including treats from Pattycakes vegan bakery, which is a great plus, since the bakery closes a few hours before the co-op.

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8am - 10pm

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