The Cheeze Factory Restaurant

Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin


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First time we went to this restaurant, there were 10 of us, all omnivores. We didn't realize it was a vegetarian. We were so hungry that we stayed anyway. It was so good, we came back the next day :-)
I went back last year excitedly, was a bit concerned to see they had become all vegan. Half of our group was a big meat eating men who took some convincing -when I told them it was vegetarian. Knowing it was a vegan nearly put them over the top. But again, we all Loved it! We got probably eight different things off the menu, the only thing it wasn't excellent was some sort of Stew/goulash – but I suspect it wasn't bad either, he just really couldn't admit he like meatless meal. Now. A year later, partly thanks to this restaurant, my husband and I are trying to eat less animal products. This place made us realize vegan food can be yummy! Still the best vegan place we've ever tried. Can't wait to return!

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This is now an all vegan restaurant where it was previously vegetarian/vegan. The dishes they offer are quite varied and everything we had was pretty good. The prices are a little high but not too bad for a tourist type area and especially for this type of all vegan food.

We had the frankfurter and the fisch and chips and both were good.

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Who knew a Cheese Factory could be so vegan friendly in Wisconsin, home of cheese? This all vegetarian restaurant has quite a few vegan offerings that are an eclectic mix influenced by the staff who have come from all over the world to study at the local Miracle Healing Center. The staff are very friendly and you wouldn't know of the connection to the Center except for a small gift stand and info on the website.

I had a garden veggie wrap with a bright olive, mint, lemon tapenade. My fiance got a portobello mushroom sandwich with red peppers and caramelized onions and a super tasty romesco sauce (almonds, red peppers and garlic.) The vegan chocolate cupcake was a rich dessert that was great to share with a coffee and hot tea.

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Wow! Went here on the recommendation of a co-worker. What a find! Especially in The Dells.

I had the Vegan Chimichanga, and my husband had the Spicy Thai Lomein. Huge portions for both, but we could not stop eating! We shared our food and both dishes were delicious. I'm always wary of places that have too many styles of cuisine represented, but both dishes were well done. The romesco sauce on the chimichanga was particularly good. I hope to go to The Dells again next year and I will most definitely make a stop here.

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They have a separate Vegan menu, but be careful, SOME "VEGAN" ITEMS CONTAIN HONEY. Ask before you order to make sure there's no honey. Other than that, it was great. The people are friendly and helpful and the food is great. I had one of their Vegan burritos, and it's easily the best burrito I've ever had. If you're ever in Wisconsin Dells, make sure to go here.

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Absolutely LOVED that they had a separate vegan menu... lots of choices here from breakfast food to the chimichanga I ordered that was pure amazing awesomeness! All the veggies were fresh and the tofu was nicely grilled, plus they had vegan cheese for the sauce on top.

Huge portions too so be ready to ask for a doggy bag. My only issue here is that even though the staff is super friendly most don't speak english well I heard they were here in the US on work visa's (I think they're Russian?)

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The Cheese Factory, despite its name, is super vegan-friendly with an available, separate vegan menu full of all sorts of appetizers, sandwiches, salads and main course options. Gluten-free items are also labeled.

I started off with a "Rattlesnake tofu" ($6.95) which was quite tasty---it was char-grilled tofu with a hint of lemon, served along with a decent BBQ sauce and also a small side of black beans.

For my main dish I had the chimichanga ($10.95), which was big and filling. The outer flour shell was lightly fried and covered in a delicious orange-colored sauce (some kind of tomato mixture?); inside, the chimichanga was filled with rice, onions, bell peppers and tofu. I think it could have used more tofu, and instead of white rice, I wish they'd used brown, but this was otherwise a solid choice. The salad that came with it seemed like a mish-mash of random leafy greens and could have been presented better, though. I think I would have preferred fresh pico de gallo or maybe a side of chips with this dish instead of the salad.

The only vegan dessert they have (aside from some sorbet smoothies/shakes) was a maple walnut cookie ($2.50), which was excellent: soft and chewy with the wonderful, subtle flavor of maple. I hope they'll add a vegan cheesecake at some point in the future.

The service here was impeccable. Everyone was super-friendly, eager, and happy. I felt good to eat there and felt welcomed by genuinely caring people who like what they do and care about the food they make.

The decor is great, too. It's like an old-time soda fountain shop and servers wear bowties.

The Cheese Factory is an asset to Wisconsin Dells. It's also a great stopping point for people traveling between Minneapolis and Madison/Milwaukee/Chicago, as it's right off I-94 (and as I discovered, it's exactly 3.5 hours from Chicago and 3.5 hours from Minneapolis, so it's the perfect middle-point in that long drive).

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I too, absolutely love this place. I live in central Wisconsin and go every summer at least once to indulge in the fabuloso vegetarian yummies!! (I do believe that their hours change in the winter, like every other facility in WI Dells in the winter months) I have been a veggie for about 7 years now and find it wonderful to have such a local restaurant such as this one to patron. Totally refreshing atmosphere...people are is delicious!! xox

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I absolutely love this place! I go there every time I go back to my parent's house in Wisconsin; it's great for birthdays, special events, or any time you just want to treat yourself or a friend. I almost always get the vegan Black Bean Burrito, but I had the "Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise" last time and loved it! I think I have a new favorite dish!

They also have a specific vegan menu, so be sure to ask for that when you go in. My only complaint about this place is a definite lack of vegan desserts. All of the desserts are so beautifully prepared, but the majority (I think there may be a daily vegan pie offering, but that needs to be double-checked) are not vegan.

Oh, and the service may be slow, but the people are so friendly that it is worth it! This place is definitely a gem in the heart of tourist land!

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It's been a while since I've been to the Cheese Factory Restaurant, but the last time I was there, I ordered the vegan chimichanga pictured here. It is perfection.

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