Banana Leaf

Columbus, Ohio


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It's true that they have many vegan options and the owners are friendly and willing to accommodate vegan requests. This used to be one of my favorite restaurants, but I no longer think that the dinner buffet is a good value. In addition to increasing the prices for both the lunch and dinner buffets by $2 in the past year, the owner insists on serving appetizers (called chaat). Chaat used to be optional for dinner - a meal without the chaat used to be a lower price. However, on a recent visit for the dinner buffet, the owner told us that we couldn't opt out of the chaat (well, we could opt out, but we'd still be charged the full price). I'd rather not fill up on the salty & oily snacks, which are mostly empty calories. Perhaps the owners would like customers to fill up on the chaat so they can keep their costs down and minimize the labor required to prepare the real food. I noticed that during the last hour of the buffet, none of the dwindling buffet items were replenished. If I dine there again, it will be for the lunch buffet (half the price of dinner).

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AMAZING!! Don't eat prior, because you will be STUFFED afterwards! The staff is extremely nice and helpful, they tell you what everything is, what has dairy and what doesn't, and the customer service is just outstanding!! I highly recommend the buffet, not only do you get all you can eat, but they bring you 6 appetizers FIRST with a smoothie type drink!! For everything you get, the price is very fair! Can't say enough GREAT things about this place!!

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As a vegan this place is great for indian food. There are only a couple items that contain dairy and the lady there is always helpful in pointing them out for me. I have only eaten their lunch buffets but have been more than satisfied. The price is really fair and the staff is really nice.

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