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Twin Cities, Minnesota


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i was at sapor last friday, and although my food was pre-ordered due to it being a grooms dinner, i had to write this up! our service was excellent!!! unbelievably non-pretentious, cozy, and knowledgeable. we had an amazing roasted beet and caramelized onion pizza for our starter, a lemony strawberry spinach salad, and some incredible black bean cakes for our entree. we even were given an alternative dessert; instead of pound cake with blueberries we received a plate of mangoes, strawberries, and blueberries covered in warm marcona almonds-fabulous! normally when other people tell me that they have our vegan food taken care of and accounted for, i get super nervous. i always fear i will show up hungry because i had food to look forward too, and then will be handed something cheesy, or buttery- this didn't happen! when we sat down the manager discreetly doubled checked with the groom to make sure that we were the 2 vegans because she didn't wan't to "out" us to a room full of people.(granted, the groom and several of the other guests were vegetarian but we all know how touchy the subject of veganism can be) the appetizer was crispy, light, salty-sweet perfection, but my favorite were the black bean cakes! they had a wonderfully thin cornmeal crust, had a perfect amount of heat, and were dressed in guac, and nectarine salsa. i wish these could be on the menu full time! -actually, i think the cakes were a regular menu item, and ours were only different due to no sour cream?
granted, there was nothing "different, or unique" about the food but i still highly suggest calling sapor a day in advance-if you can plan that far, because they were so sweet and accommodating. ooh-and if you like bourbon, order "the northloop".

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When I went to Sapor for my one and only time a couple of years ago, they only had one vegetarian entree (an egg-noodle alfredo), and nothing vegan. (They do rotate their menu, however.)

However, my friend asked the waitress why there weren't any vegan options and the server convinced the chef to create a beautiful and colorful vegan dish. Amazing and impressive! But why wouldn't they just offer this on the menu?

Be advised as well that their high-back chairs are covered in salmon-colored leather. Creepy...

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