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Brooklyn, New York City


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We started off with the banana chicken rolls, which sounded too interesting to pass up. They are banana and soy chicken breaded and fried. They were good, but the breading was super thick and quite greasy, and the banana was on one side and the soy chicken on the other side, so you couldn't get it all in the same bite. I think it also would have been better with a dipping sauce other than ketchup.

I got the crispy divine fish delight with lemon sauce or something like that (there's an image in the pic section). I can't say that it was my favorite item in the world, but it was definitely reminiscent of traditional Chinese fish that I ate in China before going vegan. The "skin" was pretty crispy and the "meat" (soy) was soft. I tried my friend's beef and veggies and I preferred that to my fish.


The food is tasteless and frankly they don't care at all about their neighborhood. They have an super noisy air-conditioner/heating unit on top of their building that’s disrupting the entire block.

I wish VP would work with their neighbors to preserve harmony and gain customers and make better food!

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Great, Great, Great.
The food is really fun. We order twice as much as we need just so we can eat it from the fridge for a few days.

Consider trying 5 flavor fish, a main dish of goose, and sugar cane drumsticks. The sugar cane drum sticks are mock chicken shaped like a drumsticks. The center of them is suported on a piece of sugar cane. A sweet red dipping sauce comes with it that also adds a late hitting kick of spice.

No matter what you order add a small appetizer of salt & pepper chicken. Makes a nice little add on.

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I agree with the other reviewer. This place is a great addition to the neighborhood, and they deliver anywhere in Park Slope (I live over a mile away).

Some notes:
1) They are not just Chinese food! Some of my favorite non-Chinese menu items:
a) Tater Tots
b) Vegetarian Turkey
c) Vegetarian Chicken Sandwich
d) Banana Split
e) fresh Juice and smoothies

2) Everything is vegan except for the Lo Mein (egg noodles). They are fully aware of the meaning of "vegan."

3) Stay away from the rolls. (spring roll, curry roll, satay roll, and hoisin roll). They were actually the first thing I ever tried there, and they're pretty bad. If they weren't one of the only vegan places around, I might of not went back... I'm happy I did. :-)

Overall, great. go now!

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It's really great to have this vegetarian restaurant in the neighbourhood. It's become our "staple" place to order from.
Our favourite dishes at the Mango Chicken and the Banana Chicken Rolls. They do a great mock beef with broccoli, too (Orange Tangerine Beef).

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