Singapore Vegetarian

Philadelphia Metro, Pennsylvania


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I had the Malaysian chicken noodles, as another reviewer suggested, but I didn't really enjoy it. The "chicken" was okay, but the sauce was like a funny, oddly sweet barbaque sauce on top of Asian food. Weird. The dish by itself was $10, but they had a dinner special for $12.50, which included soup and a small plate of appetizers so I went with that.

I chose the New Year soup, which was really good. It had bits of soy ham and tofu, corn, carrots, and other veggies, and had a really good broth. As for the appetizer platter, I loved the spring roll, but the two dumplings it came with were pretty average.

I tasted my friend's double wheat gluten dish, which was pretty good, but didn't really impress me.

The service was friendly and I was happy to receive a plate of orange slices to finish off the meal. :)

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This is my favorite vegetarian chinese in philly - and I've been to them all. Great service, atmosphere, and especially food. If you go make sure to try the spicy malaysian chicken noodles - they're the best

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While it can be a little oily, this is still my favorite place in Chinatown. Their mock meats are pretty good but not very real in flavor (which, to me, is a huge plus).

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