Khyber Pass

Manhattan, New York City


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This used to be one of my favorites in New York City, but everything has gone downhill in the past few years and now I just feel really depressed whenever I eat there. What was once the utmost delicious pumpkin dish tastes like Chef Boy-R-Dee Afghani food these days. I don't know what happened but the quality of their ingredients is pretty dismal & they definitely don't have the cooks they used to. The Boulanee Kadu appetizer is still good (fried pumpkin-filled pastries).

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I strongly recommend pumpkin-centric afghani food when you are in new york city! They have many vegan dishes, but the very best one is the one with lots of pumpkin--it is the last listing on the menu under the vegetarian options. I also recommend gobbling up the appetizers that are like pumpkin tarts. They have some wonderful kind of chai tea and they made it for us with soymilk that we got in some little store down the street.

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