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Angelica’s Kitchen was the first Vegetarian restaurant I ever visited! This was in the late 1980s. I was amazed that one restaurant in this gigantic city, my hometown, served wholesome food. After all the home chef, me, needed a break! And what a wonderful, really pleasant surprise! They were no different than my home – they used cleaned water, good pots (not aluminum pots), and good quality food. Other restaurants should look at what healthy and sustainable restaurants are doing around the country. Regards and Warm Wishes from The Gal @

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I have had vegetarian lunches at Angelicas at least 8 times in the past six months. The food is unfailingly delicious, satisfying and healthy. There are daily specials in addition to an extensive menu. For lunch I like a cup of the soup of the day and a small salad of the day. Angelica's lists gluten-free choices. Angelica's is one of my favorite restaurants.
Angelicas also published a recipe book that can be purchased at the restaurant. It is out of print otherwise. I purchased a copy and have greatly enjoyed both reading the book and following the recipes which have been very successful.
While lunch is a little more expensive than other alternatives, I opt for organic and healthy food over cheap food. It is worth it to me. I would rather skip cheap, bad food. We all make choices.

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In our failed attempt to go to the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival on April 3rd, we opted for a better option than waiting in a mile-long line in the cold. We decided to have a good hearty meal at Angelica Kitchen. We always let our stomachs lead the way and hardly ever go wrong.

Angelica Kitchen is an unpretentious and low-key spot, with a nice ambiance for casual dining. We were in a large group, there were nine of us, and we could carry on a decent conversation and hear what everyone was saying. That was actually unexpected, especially because they had a full house for lunch.

Their Full Menu and Daily Specials (pdfs) were pretty extensive and made it hard to choose, a nice problem to have. Many of their dishes are made with whole grains and mild spices that remind me a lot of Alcaparra, a macrobiotic restaurant in São Paulo, Brazil I frequently dined at when I first became a vegetarian. Dishes are more earthy and less flamboyant than most other popular vegan restaurants and there are plenty of gluten-free options.

Everything we had was delicious with the exception of one dish or other that weren’t as good as the rest, but that doesn’t mean they were bad. The highlights of our meal were the two specials we ordered —Sgt. Tempeh’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and Still Special— and the Olé Man Seitan, which hit the spot and satisfied my craving since our visit to Quintessence. All dishes we nicely seasoned and hearty portions, perfect for the hungry travelers at our table. The Dashi & Noodles were ok, the broth was nice and flavorful but the noodles didn’t absorb any of it so they tasted a little flat.

As for the desserts, the kanten was light and fresh. The tiramisu was nice and rich, as one should be. And the cheesecake was tasty too, but was more a tofu pudding pie and didn’t have that cheesecake density and texture I was hoping for.

All in all, we had a great meal and good time. We definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a whole foods dining experience.

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This is one of those old-school vegetarian restaurants that somehow keeps hanging on. I like that it's still around, but I'm also bothered that it represents the face of vegetarian food, because it's not that good, and it's pretty expensive. To add insult to injury, it's cash-only (how can a place be cash only when it charges $10-15 per plate?).

I came here with friends and we shared a norimaki roll ($8) which was basic sushi. It tasted okay, but not great.

We next had a three-bean chili ($6) which I thought was decent, but my two friends disliked. The chili could have been spicier, and freshened up with some diced tomatoes and green chilis. I didn't like the big dollop of tofu sour cream in the middle of the bowl, either, which messed up the taste. The cornbread was the best part of this dish, to be honest.

Next we shared a tempeh reuben ($10) and an "ole man seitan" burrito ($15). The reuben was passable. The ole man seitan was probably the best dish of them all and had high-grade seitan and a rich mole flavor, balanced with some savory elements on the outside. That said, for $15 in cold cash, it was a super-steep price, and small portion.

I appreciate Angelica Kitchen's staying power, but it needs a serious revamp of its menu, with more modern dishes, at lower prices. If you're looking for quality, vibrant vegan and vegetarian food in New York City, check out Blossom and Cafe Blossom, or Peacefood Cafe. Candle Cafe's pretty good, too.

By the way, Angelica Kitchen doesn't take reservations, so get here early during peak lunch and dinner hours.

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Yesterday I went to Angelica Kitchen with a group of three, and all of us very were pretty much impressed. The atmosphere was amiable, the food was delicious and the staff was extremely attentive. I had a stellar Feijoada interpretation full of subtle nuances and an impressive whipped tofu dessert. I especially liked the chef's restraint in the use of fat, salt and sugar, emphasizing the natural tastes of the ingredients with clever combinations of spices.

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i went to Angelica kitchen for my i order the dragon bowl.itz was beans,brown rice,steam tofu n steam some vegetables.and itz horrible..the brown rice was too wet n the tofu taste sour.the whole dish looks bad n taste horrible..itz was reali upset eating there.i will not go back there again.

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Angelica Kitchen is a bit over priced, but they try to source their produce locally, and pay the growers by cash, which contributes to a higher price on the menu, but for a worthy cause.

That aside, I truly enjoyed the chocolate layer cake and kanten parfait. The tofu sandwich is excellent (caramelized carrots yum~), so is the vegetable lasagna. I've been waiting for a chance to go back ever since moving to a different state...

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The food is pretty good but I don't think some of it is worth the price. They have interesting selections that are presented beautifully but the portions are a bit small. The sandwiches, however, are really big and only around $8.

I love that they have an extensive ingredient menu so that no matter what your allergy or aversion is (gluten, sesame, tomatoes, onions, etc.) you can easily avoid it without having to rely on poorly informed servers.

DO NOT GET THE CORNBREAD! A friend of mine was told that the cornbread was amazing so we ordered an entire loaf and it was horrible. It tasted like it hadn't been cooked thoroughly and as though it was just a bunch of whole kernels of corn mashed together. Disgusting. However, there were two types of cornbread, so it's possible that the variety we didn't order was actually good.

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I give angelica a 10. Its really great.

The specials are just amazing- they're ~$14 a pop, but gigantic platters that are more than filling and always well done.

The sandwiches on the other hand, aren't all that great and pretty overpriced.

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i think the best thing about this restaurant is the fact that there's an enormous pig painted on the side of the building across the street from it.

neither the food nor the desserts impressed me. the best thing i ate was a "pickle plate", which i only ordered because it was hilarious hearing myself say "i'll have the pickle plate." the hibiscus drink was very delicious, actually it almost rivals the pig on the other side of the street. so if you love beverages you have to try it. it's perfect, i think it's sweetened with agave nectar. i drank eight dollars worth of it when i was there!

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I enjoyed a lunch at AK on 2/11/05. I ordered a special starter that I can't spell. It had yukon gold potatos and seitan in a baked ball/patty with a pesto center. It was nice.

For my entree I had "Ole Man Seitan", a large burrito of seitan and vegetables with a mole sauce. This was washed down with hot mulled cider and was quite good. The size was more than enough.

Please note this place cash only. Which is odd. Because it's all fancy and the registers have card slots. But trust me, they only take cash.

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I should have gotten a dessert. I also wasn't wowed by the meal on my second visit. The appetizer was great...corn bread with carrot-ginger spread, and a hearty anasazi bean stew. But my wee dragon bowl (brown rice, tofu-cooked but not fried, greens, seaweed) was bland...and service was a bit spotty. I stopped in, solo, on a Friday evening when just about every table in the place was vacant...yet I was seated at the communal table with a group of loud strangers, as though I didn't merit my own table. By the time I'd finished my mediocre meal only one of the many open tables was in use. Next time I'm in NYC I may skip this place altogether in favor of Kate's Joint, VP2, or Hangawi...or to try Candle Cafe or Teany.

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I have been here 3 times and have never been really wowed. The first time they had a great vegan udon special that was good (not great).

The subsequent times, it got worse. I ordered from all over the menu, and nothing was particularly yummy. They had a bizarre lasagna that was a mushy nightmare. To me, it seems like the quality has slipped. Since they are so venerated, I will give them one more try next month and update my verdict.

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The food here is pretty good, and I had one of the best vegan desserts I've ever tasted here, peanut butter tofu "cheesecake".

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