Hummus Place

Manhattan, New York City


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Considering the name of this place is "Hummus Place", I anticipated enjoying the hummus more. That said, an Israeli friend told me this is one of the only places she can get authentic hummus, so perhaps this stuff is really traditional and I just like the sweet, salty, fattening stuff offered at most American places. :)

I ordered the 3 appetizers for $8.95 (normally $3.50 each), but since they mixed up what I ordered, I actually got to try four items. I had the chickpea-topped hummus (I forget how it's referred to on the menu), falafel, healthy salad, and stuffed grape leaves. The healthy salad (cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, and cilantro) was pretty plain but it made a great topping for the hummus and pita (whole wheat). The falafel was also good and came with this cilantro-lemon sauce and tahini.

I like this location because it's a little more low-key and less crowded than the MacDougal location. I also love that the kitchen is open and I got to sit at a table in direct view of the kitchen so I could see the cooks making my food.

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