Dang Lai Palace

Manhattan, New York City


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Visit 1:
I was very satisfied with my meal here. The food was very flavorful and the service was exceptional. I had the Rose Petal dish, which was $15 (a bit overpriced), but was a delicious soy meat dish with perfectly steamed vegetables and red/brown rice. I also had the rice noodles with veggies and faux meats, which was around $10 and very good, although it could have benefited from more vegetables. Both dishes were large portions and were more than enough for one person.

Visit 2:
Because I was so satisfied with my first visit there, during dinner time, I decided to check it out for lunch. Bad idea. The lunch specials are very cheap, but the quality is poor. I got the sesame soy nuggets with broccoli (which I was pleased to see came with red rice and a spring roll), but was very disappointed with the entree. The soy nuggets were very tough and lacked flavor and while some of the broccoli was piping hot, some of it was still frozen. I suppose this isn't a surprise, as they brought me my food within 5 minutes of ordering, but it's especially disappointing, as the restaurant wasn't busy and they could have spent more time preparing my dish.

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