Manhattan, New York City


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This is a pretty cool book shop with a good selection of vegan cookbooks and some obscure academic stuff and good fiction. They also have some pre-packaged vegan cake slices and muffins.

I had a big cup of tea and listened to people around me chat about veganism, movies, and other college-era discussion topics. It's a nice environment on a busy street and a good place to just sit and read.

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I've been here a million times for events but have never eaten or gotten coffee here. This is a really good place to support because all of the events are free (although some suggest a donation) and they cover a range of progressive topics like animal rights, environmentalism, hunger/homelessness, race relations, gender equality, and more.

They've recently started to have more events focusing on Latino issues (they just had, what I believe to be their first, event in Spanish), which I think is necessary for the surrounding Puerto Rican community.

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this place is so sweet. it's a radical bookstore run by volunteers (mostly), and a nice spot to spend a while in. their food is nothing exciting, but the coffee's good (usually), there's a bathroom, and there are hundreds of books and zines to read.

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