Veggie Bite

Chicago, Illinois

Closed as of Feb 22 11

1300 North Milwaukee Avenue
Chicago, Illinois


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Northside location of the popular vegan fast-food chain

Veggie Bite is a fast-service vegan restaurant, offering an all-natural, all-vegan menu with delicious options ranging from veggie burgers and veggie dogs to veggie tacos and buffalo wings. They also have milkshakes made from all-vegan, Chicago-based Temptation Ice Cream.

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Some items are incomparably better to others but as a whole cheap and very very appetizing. Seriously my favorite fries ever. And yes the food is greasy just like fast food BUT the time from ordering ‘till u get the meal is not fast... its made to order just like a restaurant so expect comparable restaurant wait-time and be thankful its fresh.

I recommend: burger, chicken nuggets, chili fries, and fries
Vegan boyfriend LOVES: meatball, fajita, and nachos as well **the nachos are literally almost an exact mimic of what u would find at a movie theatre or baseball game, cheap tortilla chips and nacho cheese -if that’s what u look for in nachos this is it.

item I don’t recommend: buffalo anything

info on other items: the tofu nuggets are little squares of tofu w/breadcrumbs fried, the BBQ nuggets are just cuts of seitan not breaded in anyway

AND as of summer 09 they just opened an ice cream bar with their own all vegan "liCK" ice cream. I haven't tried it yet but hopefully it'll steal some across the street Oberweiss customers!

This place is sooo worth the trip keeping the above in mind.

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Completely completely completely disappointed. I was expecting so much more from this vegan, purported 'healthy,' restaurant. First of all, there's nothing healthy about over-processed vegetables and tofu. Secondly, the food was absolutely aweful...and I'm not exaggerating. I ordered 'buffalo wings' which turned out to be soggy fried tofu with a splash of a watery 'buffalo' sauce. The fries were fries, and my chocolate chip cookie dough shake tasted like a bland chocolate shake. Granted, I have high expectations, having had the delicious Temptations based shakes of the The Chicago Diner and 'drumsticks' of vegan-haven Food Swings in Williamsburg, but there are no excuses when it comes to poorly made vegan fast food. If things couldn't get worse, the service was poor and the place was so cold we had to sit with our full winter gear in place. I've said my peace.

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Located a few blocks from the CTA Blue line "Division" station.



$ - inexpensive


  • MasterCard Visa


  • American


  • (Mostly) Organic
  • Kid-Friendly



noon - 10pm

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