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Had the tempeh reuben and it was tasty. After that I looked for cookies or some kind of dessert labeled vegan, but didn't see any so I went on my way.

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I asked an employee which brand of veggie burgers they use and he checked and then told me, "Morning Star Farms Garden Veggie burgers." This particular burger contains EGG WHITES and CALCIUM CASEINATE and is therefor not vegan. The menu says that the veggie burgers served at French Meadow are their "own special recipe" and can be made vegan if you order them without cheese.
Please call them at the number listed above and ask them to switch to a burger that is actually vegan.

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I travel a lot and, as a vegan, I've never been well-accommodated at airports; but thanks to Minneapolis' progressive attitude, I can get vegan cookies, muffins, prepared wraps, and hot, fresh, organic cooked dishes before catching a flight. They also feature a bar.

When I had dinner there, my vegan burger was tasty and fresh, as was my side dish of Minnesota wild rice. The menu features at least two other vegan dishes.

In their dessert section, their vegan carrot cake is wonderful and inexpensive, as is their vegan chocolate rice bar.

UPDATE: The service is generally slow, either in the table-service area, or in the self-service area. If you have a flight to catch in a hurry, don't order anything and expect to get it quickly. Anticipate at least 15-20 minutes before your food will arrive and plan accordingly.

For breakfast items, they only offer one vegan selection, a microwaved oatmeal porridge in a black styrofoam bowl. I found it to be bland, watery and not edible. Also, it took them 20 minutes to bring me the dish, which is remarkable, given that the dish was microwaved; lucky for me, I had enough time before my flight.

Unfortunately, they don't let you order from the lunch/dinner menu if it's before 11 a.m.

Their pre-made vegan wrap is big and filling, and a decent option if you're in a hurry, but not as good as their fresh-cooked dishes.

Because of the consistently slow service and the low quality of their sole vegan breakfast item, I have to dock them one star.

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I was happy to see the French Meadow entry at the airport, however I was less impressed with the quality and service than previous reviewers. I love the Minneapolis location of French Meadow on the other hand.

I was there for breakfast early in the morning. None of the baked options offered appeared to be vegan and the staff was not helpful at all when asked. The Minneapolis location marks all items that are vegan. I wish that the airport location would do the same.

As for hot options, the only vegan friendly option was the oatmeal. Even after telling the cashier we were vegan, we asked for soy milk (which was listed on the menu) and she didn't know know you could get soy milk with it. Also, the toast was served pre-buttered even though we asked them to not do that.

The lunch menu appears to be more vegan friendly with chili, however I did not see any vegan friendly sandwich options as previous reviewers mentioned.

I hope that the French Meadow improves the signage at this location and informs their staff of the veg friendly offerings.

UPDATE 5/28/08

Received a message from Josh, a manager at the French Meadow Bakery on the F Concourse, about our dining experience. He wrote (excerpt):

We have started making a very delicious portabella mushroom sandwich that you could ask for without the herbed goat cheese and it would be completely vegan friendly. We are also willing to create any type of veggie sandwich that you would like at any time. Both of these options are available during our lunch period which starts after 10 am. If you asked our cooks during breakfast they would be able to make a "special" order veggie sandwich in the morning as well. We have that option as well as the oatmeal with unbuttered bread for vegan choices as our breakfast items. We also have vegan black bean chili as well as all the vegan desserts such as vegan cupcakes, raspberry chocolate bar, brown rice crispie bar, pecan sandie cookie and carrot cake available throughout the entire day. On F concourse we have a book with the ingredient list next to our bakery cases that customers may ask our employees to look at if there is some item in particular that they would like to see.

Again I apologize for the service that you received when you were in the airport and I would really encourage you to come down to the F concourse if you are in the airport again so we can get you a nice healthy vegan meal.

Kudos to the FMBC on replying to my email and I hope to try them again.

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This is my favorite airport restaurant! I can't think of any other place in any airport that has as many vegan options. Some of my favorites include: tempeh ruben sandwich, chili, raspberry bars, and vegan cupcakes! Lots of other options available. They are also very quiet (you can't hear any of the annoying announcements -- a big plus!) and they have plugs under every chair -- also a big plus since I always need to recharge my computer. I should say that I always sit in the more casual section (on the left as you go in).

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