Freedom Fighters Ital Shack

St Martins, Caribbean


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While I'm not technically vegetarian or vegan, I eat here every time I'm in St. Maarten which is one of my favorite vacation destinations. At $5 to $8 a plate (the small plate is large enough for me and I'm a big guy), you will not find this kind of value anywhere else, and the food is beyond compare. Its completely natural and organic, grown on premises, and is every bit as good as the more decadent alternatives on the island. Plus its a popular local hangout so you get to meet and mingle with like-minded locals. This is truly good eating!

rating star

Wonderful full vegan meals inclusing many local fruits and vegetables. There is a menu, but the basic choice is food or not since only one meal selection is served daily. In February 2008, the full meal cost $8USD. Don't forget to try the homemade tropical juice drinks or the oat-lime drink, which sounds a bit strange but is delicious. The restaurant is run by Ras Bushman, a local musician, and cooking is done by Empress Eyerise. The "shack" is covered with Rasta information. This is a great place to eat and the only place that is totally vegan on the island.

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