Houston, Texas


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The last straw was when I ordered a side of their black beans. I always ask to confirm that what I am ordering has no meat in it. I have been assured on numerous occasions at Brasil that their black beans are vegetarian/vegan. However, when my food arrived this last time, I noticed something "meat-ish" in the beans.

I called over a server who confirmed it was pork sausage. He was *somewhat* apologetic, and offered to send over the owner. I didn't insist, he just offered and I said "okay". When the owner (whose name I didn't catch) came over, he abruptly asked "I heard you're upset about the beans or something".

I wasn't argumentative. I explained that I was vegan, had been coming to Brasil for years, asked specifically each time (including this time) to make certain there was no meat in what I was ordering, and then discovered that they had served me, and I had unsuspectingly been eating, pork hidden in the beans.

The owner's response was beyond apathetic -- he couldn't give two sh*ts about the mixup. He said something like, "yeah, these things just happen", didn't offer an apology, didn't offer a replacement side, didn't have common sense to refund what I paid for the order (so I'm at least not paying for having been tricked into eating a dead pig), and otherwise made no assurance that this would not happen again.

If you are vegan or vegetarian (or Kosher, have allergies, or any interest whatsoever in eating somewhere with a minimal concern of knowing what's in the food they serve), then steer clear of Brasil. I certainly will from now on.

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