The Stand Cafe and Juice Bar

Norwalk, Connecticut


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The Stand is a small healthy-foods cafe featuring mostly raw sandwiches and juice/smoothie/wheatgrass type of things.

While some of the menu does feature cooked items, the bulk of them are raw, which is not the type of food that hits the spot for me. I came by and got at unchicken sandwich ($8) which was a chickpea mash with vegan mayo served on wholewheat bread.

The sandwich was okay but, being of the raw persuasion, it wasn't a satisfying full meal. It would have been so much better if it had been a hot sandwich; this one, like all of them on the menu are pre-made and sit in a chilled display case next to the cash register. The bread could have been toasted, the chickpea mash might have been lightly stir-fried, etc.

That's not to say raw food can't be tasty. In this case, though, the food was bland and under-spiced (and lord knows that raw spices would have been a nightmare).

However, their desserts were great. I had a chocolate chip cookie and a muffin, both of which were moist and delicious.

The service is friendly. Prices are high consider the portion sizes and the generally unappealing presentation and execution of the food; some of the probably tastier items on the menu, such as their smoothies, cost a whopping $8 a piece.

I'd probably stop by The Stand again if I happened to be in Norwalk. But I'd go just for tea and desserts and not any entrees (unless they decide to add some fake sausage breakfast sandwiches, or tofu tacos or things of that kind).

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Excellent food and great energy.

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