Zen Burger

Manhattan, New York City


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As excited as I am about having a veg fast food joint in Manhattan, I'm really disappointed of the lack of vegan options. Out of about 12 sandwiches, only 2 are vegan--the super plain ZenBurger, and the tofu wrap. All the fancy "buffalo", "ranch", and faux chicken and shrimp items contain milk and/or eggs.

I talked with the manager, who says they are trying to get more vegan options but admits that their target market is not vegetarian or vegans, it's the general population. He says they've tried making more vegan sandwiches but can't get the right consistency without the casien.

I had the ZenBurger and fries. The fries were great (taste like what I remember Burger King fries tasting like), but the burger was really plain. It was sort of dry and lacked flavor. A meat-eating friend I was with had the vegetarian BBQ chicken sandwich (veg but not vegan) and said he really enjoyed it.

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delicious food with a variety of "zen meats" (i.e. chicken, beef, shrimp). several yummy sauces to modify your french fries and/or burger

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It is great having a vegetarian fast food restaurant in Manhattan.
I have had many things on the menu, and they have all been very tasty.
Note: The prices are higher than "regular" fast food places.

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