Fadi's Mediterranean Grill

Houston, Texas


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Great staff. Tasty food.

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I eat at the Westheimer and Dunvale location of Fadi's, and their food is FANTASTIC! Wonderful vegan dishes including sauteed eggplant, mixed vegetables, rice pilaf (often with cashews and dill), tabouli, baba ghanoush, hummus and pitas, falafel plate or sandwich (be sure to ask for no tsaziki sauce, I'm pretty sure it contains yogurt,) delicious salads (some contain cheese, but will plainly tell you if they do or not) and a GREAT lentil soup (I'm addicted to it.) All food is cooked with trans-fat free oil. I go at least once a week. The service is friendly and with such a variety, I never get tired of it. I take everyone from out of town there to enjoy a tasty, low-key dinner.

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