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We were in town for a week from Colorado for my sister’s heart surgery, and came across Ethos the first day. Except for trying Orlando’s several other (also very good) vegan/vegetarian places for lunches, we came back to Ethos every single night for dinner. My wife is a former vegan chef/caterer, and we both agreed that this is one of the best vegan restaurants (of any kind, really) in which we’ve both eaten: without exaggeration, every single entre was utterly delicious, the vegetables and sides were superb (they have nothing fried, and after one bite, you don’t miss it one bit), and the sauces simply amazing (the remoulade was indescribably wonderful). Add a great, helpful and attentive wait staff, a remarkably good $4 house wine (and some terrific local beers), and why would anyone even think to eat anyplace else? We didn’t and perhaps you shouldn’t. Not if you want some of the best (yes, all vegan) food you may find anywhere. It did our appetites good, but also our vegan hearts.

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My wife and I ate here seven times on a recent visit to Orlando. I loved almost everything we tried, especially the milkshakes, the sheep's pie, and the sausage roll appetizer. The tofu scramble I had for breakfast on our last visit was probably the best tofu scramble I've ever had.

I only had a few minor complaints. I would prefer Daiya as the vegan cheese on pizzas and in calzones. Whatever they're using doesn't melt all that well, and I didn't love the flavor. I'd also like to see a little more variety in desserts. Their cake was good, but it was a little plain (topped with powdered sugar instead of icing).

That said, I'd definitely go back here again (many times), and I highly recommend a visit (or seven) if you're in Orlando.

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I love the fact that they are 100% vegan and I really like the vibe and decor of the place, but I was very unimpressed with the food we ordered when we ate here in February.

The pizza was underwhelming and the calzone was filled with uncooked vegan cheese. It doesn't say much for the food when our favorite thing about the visit was the snickerdoodle cookies we took and ate later that night (which were awesome by the way).

That said, I have a feeling we just ordered the wrong things. I'd like to give them another try as some of their sandwiches sound really good and their Sunday brunch sounds intriguing... I'm just not sure I'll ever be in Orlando again to do that.

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It is good, but not very impressing. There are better ones. They should have more variety, but is ok though.

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I was visiting from out of town and was lucky enough to get the Sunday brunch. It was a great deal and very good. I had pancakes, home fries, strawberries, and a mimosa. My dining partner had pancakes and sausage with fresh orange juice.

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My partner and I had the Healthy Trio, Edamame and Samson Burger. The Healthy Trio was black and green olive tapenade, housemade hummus, and tomato-mango salsa served with toasted bread, tortilla chips and raw veggies. Outstanding. The edamame was lightly salted and served with a deliciously flavored soy dipping sauce. The Samson Burger is a grilled black bean burger. It was so thick it seemed like it was two black bean burgers - one on each half - so I had to thin it out a little to take a bite. This was not a problem for the husband.

The atmosphere is relaxed. Friendly staff. Clean. Wood tables inside with artwork on the walls. Both indoor and shaded outdoor seating. Street parking available. It's an easy 30 min drive from Downtown Disney off I-4.

My only regret was that I wouldn't be able to return again...this trip anyway. I would like to try the Coconut Curry Wrap, Sheep's Pie and Pecan Encrusted Eggplant. Oh, and the Sunday Brunch. This place is a top-notch casual vegan delight.

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I went to Orlando for a concert and googled vegan restaurants, hoping I could get a great tasting, worry-free meal for the first time in more than a year. Most people don't realize how hard it is for a vegan to dine out, even in Miami, my home city. Ethos was everything I expected and MORE. We were there on a Sunday, so the menu was limited, but no matter! I don't know how to describe the breakfast burrito with home fries as anything other than AMAZING! My friend had the strawberry french toast and that was also divine! I couldn't leave without dessert so I ordered a cinnamon bun for the ride home. I devoured it. Needless to say, I highly recommend this place to everyone. My experience was so great, I'm contemplating a 3 hour drive next weekend just to go to Ethos again.

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I eat at Ethos several times a week when I'm in town. In fact, last year our kitchen was being remodeled - and we had no sink / stove / refrigerator for months. We ate at Ethos... a lot. Like 8-12 times a week. They kept us alive.

The food is generally - FANTASTIC. The staff is cool and calm and fun... and they take pride in what they're doing.

If you're looking for a salad bar with a side of greens and a wheat grass chaser (Not that any of that is bad)... this isn't the place.

But if you're looking for GREAT TASTING and amazing vegan food... that you'll enjoy... then Stop by.

And tell 'em Patrick sent you.

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Ethos is top-notch. They have a very nice establishment with awesome food. This place is for anyone who wants hearty fare. Kelly the head chef is Irish and everything with potatoes like Sheeps Pie and mashed potatoes or potato soup is yummy good. You can get full for under 10 bucks. Food for people with special diet needs too. Delicious chocolate chip cookies, apple pies, and cakes too. Can't wait to try the biscuits at Sunday brunch. Park at the Lake Ivanhoe Park just south on Orange and take a stroll along the lake on your way to Ethos.

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