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Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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My first visit to Cafe Manna was OK. The restaurant itself feels a bit stuffy and made me feel uncomfortable. Luckily it was the summer time so my Wife and I ate outdoors on their patio instead... Much better!

The Raw Vegan Tacos and Nacho's are pretty darn good. I have to say that I occasionally find myself craving 'em every now and then. I've also had their Lentil Burger and Tu-No Melt, which were both simply amazing! I'd love to figure out how to recreate the Tu-No Melt at home.

About the only things on the menu I didn't like were the Falafels and their home made juices. A little bland for my tastes.

Overall I'm very satisfied with Cafe Manna and I look forward to having lunch there again. You can't go wrong with Cafe Manna.

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This is a GREAT restaurant! This is the second time I have eaten here and I'm so glad I returned. I can now say it is consistently wonderful! During this visit we ordered the Pepita Guacamole Potato Skins and Tu-No Melt. Both dishes were of a very high quality and full of flavor. (They also make a great cup of coffee!) This restaurant is definitely worth a visit!

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Tasty, kinda fancy, good portions, warm atmosphere, and vegan fudge!!!

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This place is quite the drive for me from shorewood, but well worth it. I had the potato skins with guacamole, split a salad and dinner special with my friend, and we didnt have room for the salad. The special lasagna was so good, polenta, nut cheese and tons of veggies. Limonade was also excellent. I will make the drive back for sure.

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This place is very close to my parents house which makes it an easy choice. The food here is excellent and the presentation is always stellar. Their menu is very well labeled and the staff is knowledgeable about the ingredients. The staff on the whole has been above average especially when it comes to actually knowing whats in the food. They have a nice balance of vegan and vegetarian items. I am vegan and have always felt like I had plenty of options.

This place is not inexpensive, it's not over the top either but I tend to reserve it for more special occasions. Most entrees run between 10-15 with specials tending a bit higher. This is a lot for vegetarian food but it's clear they put effort into their ingredients and prep so it's not unreasonable. My meat-eating brother has eaten here many times with us and hardly complains at all. ;)-

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This place is great. The food is beautifully prepared, the restaurant itself is very attractive, and the service is friendly. Too bad it's so far from all the veg folks on the East and South sides.

I love how accommodating and very willing to ask the kitchen questions the waitstaff is to see what's vegan. The portions are huge, the food is great, and the menu is absolutely beautiful, offering full descriptions of each entree, and clearly marking which items are vegan, gluten-free, and raw!

For my first time here, I dined with my vegetarian mother and meat-eating uncle, and we all loved the place. We shared the coconut cashew hummus appetizer, which was pretty good but I felt the coconut made it too sweet. It was beautifully displayed and came with a ton of crackers, slices of bread, and veggie slices for dipping. The waitress even brought me some raw flax crackers since she wasn't sure if the pita chips were vegan (turns out they were, but she thought they contained honey). We also had the limonade, which was very refreshing.

My uncle ordered the vegan chili, which came in an enormous bowl. I'm a bit of a chili snob, but I thought it was pretty good, and he thought it was wonderful. My mom ordered the Middle-Eastern vegetable stew, which we all thought was outstanding. It had tons of veggies and beans in it, and had a slightly Indian curry sort of flavor. Delish. I ordered the Jamaican-spiced lentil burger with roasted veggies. We all liked the veggie burger, although I would have loved some extra sauce on it. The roasted veggies were fabulous and had much more flavor than I was expecting. I also got a side of wasabi spinach potato salad, which was good, but didn't have a strong wasabi flavor.

There were two vegan dessert options, a fruit crisp, and a fig pudding, which wasn't marked as being vegan on the menu, but the waitress assured us it was. I'm glad they offer those, but I'd love to see some vegan cake on the menu.

My second time here, I went with my sister, cousin, and great aunt (all are meat eaters) and they all enjoyed it. While my sister and I thought our dishes were very well prepared (I got the shepherd's pie and she got the tofu and portabella sandwich), we both thought that each dish could have used more flavor, be it spice, garlic, onions, chipotle in the vegan mayo or avocado for the sandwich, or tomato sauce (or even ketchup) on the shepherd's pie.

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It is wonderful to see an all vegetarian restaurant in the area, and even better that it's only a 10 minute drive from my house. I went to cafe manna with a decent size group and we had an awesome waiter who was more than happy to explain the menu items. The portions are of a pretty decent size, but for some of the items, maybe a bit pricey. The food tasted great, and definitely an "A-for effort" for being a completely vegetarian restaurant. It is nice to see an eco friendly restaurant so close to home.

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Everything I've had here is great! The refreshing exotic salad as well as the arugula salad with avocado and pear are 2 of the best salads I've ever had. Really fresh and delicious! I've had the mushroom extraordinaire, which is one of their raw dishes, twice now. It's really unique and comes with raw polenta which is super good. I really want to try the "peace bowl with curried cashew crunch"...and the vegetable stew...and the chilli! I wish it was closer to where I live because it's really nice and always delicious.

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Great modern eco-friendly atmosphere. Very knowledgeable, friendly and professional staff. The best veggie burger ever! Have the Spicy Jamaican Lentil Burger, it's home made, grilled on really good bread and super big plus it comes with grilled veggies which are the best grilled veggies I've ever had. They are all vegetarian, and they have vegan, raw food, and gluten-free menu items clearly marked on their menu and at least one of each in every section (apps, entrees, sandwiches, salads, deserts). I have always loved everything here and they do a different soup every day along with specials. No worries here, they will accommodate special requests.

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Until now, there was nowhere around the brookfield area to dine out vegetarian or vegan unless you wanted to drive out to the east side.

I'm from brookfield, and I sincerely hope this restaurant prospers. It is delicious, well priced, and extremely clean and friendly.

The restaurant looks great, from their decor to their silverware. The dishes offered are mostly vegan, with some cheese or dairy in a few dishes, which can easily be made to order without. Just tell the server that you're vegan.

I had a falafel sandwich in pita with a tahini sauce. My date had a tofu and eggplant sandwich. I definitely recommend this restaurant!

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