Persian Palate Restaurant

Cebu, Philippines


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Obviously the owner had to accomodate the taste buds of the filipino people, meaning adding meat to it's menu. Not sure if there is pork on the restaurant's list but beef (too bad) is listed I think. The vegetarian and curry entries are quite good and I like their flat bread and nans, and don't forget those papadoms. I think Ahmad, the owner is vegetarian himself and at some point one of his old branches had a pure vegetarian menu at one time.

It would have been way much better if it was completely meatless since one could always feel safe at what happens inside the kitchen. A lot of Indian and Mid-East places abroad, if ever they do add meat to it's list only goes as far seafoods, chicken and lamb entries. The later obviously is very popular in the Middle East, But then again, this place is in the Philippine Islands, guess they'll have to adapt. Sure wish that someday, somebody will be brave enough to go against this tide and would put a 100% vetan (vegetarian) place possibly with vegan (a higher kind of vegetarian) options. Only hope this would happen sooner than later, at least one will have an option other than the Miller Hospital's canteen (Seventh day Adventist place, also see comment about Cebu on previous page).

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