The Bagel Store

Brooklyn, New York City


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DELICIOUS!!!! Best bagels ever...both in store and fresh from the dumpster. :)

The Bagel Store seems to regularly introduce new vegan flavors to see what sells. I had a cinnamon-raisin-walnut tofu cream cheese on a cinnamon raisin bagel a few months ago, which I didn't see when I went yesterday. The spread was good, but I don't think it offered anything above plain cream cheese on a cinnamon raisin bagel; it was basically the same flavor.

Yesterday, I tried their new strawberry and blueberry tofu spreads on whole wheat. The guy gave me half and half so I could try both (after allowing me to sample both of them). They were both good, especially the blueberry, which had big chunks of blueberries), but I prefer the savory spreads, perhaps because they go better on the more interesting bagels that just wouldn't mix with a fruity spread. I think my favorite is the tofu scallion on the everything bagel, or maybe the tofu vegetable on the garlic bagel. :)

Also, the staff here is always SOOOOO nice. One guy even told me I could come pay for my bagel later or the next day if I didn't have the money. What? Seriously? In NYC????? So nice. The guys always seem to be having fun and that's nice to see in a business.

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