Bandung Indonesian Restaurant

Madison, Wisconsin


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I have eaten here once, but gotten take-out several times, and it is consistently fantastic food. We usually get 2 meals per 3 people. Several of their dishes are vegan naturally, and others can be adjusted, and the staff are very knowledgeable and helpful. My favorite dish is the Sambal Goreng Tempe, which is quite sweet and delicious!

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I love this place. I've eaten there twice already and have to say that they house-made tempe keeps me coming back. Indonesian food is kind of sweet and kind of spicy, which is a combo I love. The service is fast and friendly and the portions are great. There are plenty of vegetarian options to choose from and the prices are reasonable. I've taken two out-of-town guests here and it was a big hit with both of them.

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I ate here a long time ago but was impressed by the peanut curry I had and the friendly service. The waiter was knowledgeable about what was vegan or what could be made vegan.

The atmosphere is pretty nice here, too and the restaurant could serve as a good date spot.

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