Au Lac Cafe

Central Valley, California


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This food was REALLY good. The menu consists of all meatless meals. I've tried three different things there: curry hot pot with brown rice (potatoes, carrots, peanuts, and a fake meat all smothered in a curry sauce that was super tasty!), garlic "chicken" with rice, and a fried rice dish with small diced veggies and some small diced fake ham. It was all delish! The owner is very, very friendly too, and the price is reasonable considering what you are getting and how much ( so much food!!!!) I highly recommend.

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Highly recommended! One of the best vegan places to eat! I've had nearly everything from the menu so far and it's excellant. Have taken non-veg friends and everyone loves the food. Owner is ultra cool and will answer any/all cooking questions. Folks are friendly and remember who you are. Just bought vegan ham, chicken and fish from them which has been excellant. Sure the cash/check only needs to be remembered but the food is well worth any "inconvenience" it might cause and if that's the only complaint well they're doing well.

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This is a great restaurant with the best soy chicken I've ever tasted (lemongrass chicken). The main courses are fresh, healthy and nicely-seasoned and served with a tasty side salad, too. You can pick from a number of stir-fry type dishes, though they also have vegan burgers and sandwiches. My non-vegetarian colleagues were impressed with the food here, too.

The service is amazingly friendly and they also have superb vegan cakes (which are made by an independent baker). The prices at Au Lac are really low (most dishes range $5-8), too, considering the value of the food.

I think Au Lac closes too early, and I wish they accepted credit cards, but it's otherwise highly recommended.

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