Bountiful Baskets Food Co-op

Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona

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A food-buying co-op offering produce and more


Bountiful Baskets is not a business. No one makes any money from it. Instead we pass foods along at the same price as other wholesalers get them!

We do a produce basket every other week. We also have bread every other week. We offer other things occasionally. We aim for fairly unprocessed vegetarian foods on the whole! We do offer Frontier Natural Foods!

See their website for pickup locations.

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My husband and I used BB for a while and about a year ago noticed the quality of produce significantly declined. We received a batch of moldy apricots. The volunteers didn't know what to say when raised the issue. I sent an email to the admins and had no reply. I later posted on the FB page and received an email back saying I never should have taken the moldy produce home. Will not be using or recommending BB in the future.

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Even MT we have these so called fresh produce baskets. I done my research and found out they are a for profit business that has been using volunteers illegally and could be sued by the people who work or who have worked for them in a 'volunteer ' status. Besides where in a world could a fresh ripe peach be baseball hard and then rot before it even ripened? That's what you get from a sub par distubator with a front of a company called bountiful basket.

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