Chanon Thai

Salt Lake City, Utah


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Very good Thai food. Also the place to go if you like hot food. The menu advertises mild, medium and hot -- but if you explore a bit with your waiter you'll discover that "hot" has 5 levels of hot. A 3 is as hot as any food I've gotten in Salt Lake. Not much atmosphere but great food -- even if you eat it mild.

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The last few times I went here I left with a stomach ache. It makes me wonder if it is a 100% vegan or if it's just the way they prepare their food, either way I'm never going back to this place.

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I have traveled all over Thailand and Asia, and this is by far the most authentic Thai I have had in the United States. Some diners may be turned off because Chanon's 'medium-mild' is most Thai restaurant's 'spicy,' but if you can deal with a little nose-wiping you will not regret it. The pad-thai is amazing and a good choice for those unfamiliar with Thai food. Furthermore, the prices are unbeatable, especially the lunch special, which includes soup or salad. Highly recommended!

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