Hungry Tiger Too

Portland, Oregon


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I had a Portland tofu scramble, which was pretty good, and I liked the hashy browns, which seem to be fried mashed potato patties. I went back and tried the mac & cheese and the vegan corndog basket. The mac & cheese wasn't that great. The corndogs were very good, but their fries weren't that great. They seemed to be overcooked, and weren't very warm by the time we got them.

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I went there for the wings: amazing and HOT! I went there for the corndogs: ugh, heaven on a stick. I went there for a 'normal' meal: BLT is the way to go. I love avocado on anything! The people are always super nice, even when my guy spilled a whole cup of water all over the table :|

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this place was wonderful since we love good vegan all american food. i had the vegan corn dogs, which were perfect! just how i remembered them before i was vegan. i also had a cup of their cream of brocolli soup which was excellent and perfect for the cold, rainy afternoon we were having.
my boyfriend had the club sandwich, which was vegan ham, tempeh and avocado with mayo and lettuce. excellent! very good. we ate everything and would definitely come back!

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Rating based on morning breakfast only. Good but slightly over-spicy scramble with not too much tofu. Great cornbread biscuit with mushroom gravy. The food was drenched in herb-y goodness.

Separate vegan menu is a plus. Smoking isn't a problem now that Oregon doesn't allow it inside.

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HTT has largely redone their menu as of last month (I believe) -- there is now a "classic" menu and a "vegan" one. An entire vegan menu at a non-vegetarian restaurant?! I've only seen that one other time, and was similarly chuffed.

Never had the mac n cheeze that others rave or don't rave about -- I usually stick to the scrambles (not tofu-heavy, and not steeped in turmeric -- I am generally quite suspicious of vegan scrambles, but I love theirs). When they're good, they're insanely awesome (out-of-town friends talk longingly of them), and when they're off, they're still pretty solid. A side of tots and vegan gravy is awesome snacking/sharing food, and I've had good luck with portobello sandwiches from the old-menu days. The service is reliable, knowledgeable, and generally quite friendly (or at least attentively aloof).

Plus they make their own freaking vegan corn dogs. Which are served on a bed of tater tots. Health food this is not, but delicious it is for sure.

Smoking note: if you're in the bar, you may well get steeped in it, but if you stick to the restaurant side you'll either mostly or entirely avoid it.

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This place made me so full! I was starving for good vegan food and i stumbled onto the mac and was fantastic! I was really surprised.

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The portions are huge and they serve breakfast all day. I love the vegan mac 'n' cheese and my friend always get the regular mac. The service is great and the mural in the restaurant is to funny. Go there...serious, you will love it!

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