Milwaukee Public Market

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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I absolutely admire the Milwaukee Public Market. I miss that the little store that sold bulk foods is gone and was replaced by a wine store. Boo for wine. I love that there is a vender that sells fresh juice and has a fresh salad bar. You can also get fresh bread, and hummus, in the same building! Also, El Rey's distributes at the Milwaukee public market so you can get the awesome el rey's verde salsa and chips. Ok, so maybe Milwaukee Public Market is a bit carb friendly, but hey, good harvest opened up across the street if you are looking to expand your grocery shopping :D. Another cool thing about Milwaukee Public Market is that you can sit down on the upper level while looking down into the Market. Also a fairly decent view of downtown Milwaukee is to be had by looking out the windows.

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I love this place! Obviously, Riverwest Co-op is my first pick for grocery shopping, but this is further south and offers an extensive array of vegan foods in their deli if you need a snack. I love how they have samples all over the store and will let you sample foods at their deli before you buy them. It's also a good place to stop if you need a tiny snack and just want to grab some of the free samples. :)

Their falafel is really good, as is their Mid-Eastern rice/lentil/caramelized onion dish, which I hear was stolen by my beloved Sharrazzad restaurant.

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