Uncle Marky's Organics

Manhattan, New York City


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I ordered from them twice, the first time getting the Triple Protein Bonanza, the second the Tempeh Reuben Sandwich. Both meals were horrendously dry and tasteless. The Bonanza meal had so little sauce, that I actually had to season it myself with some salad dressing to make it edible. The prices are insulting too.

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I ordered delivery from this place and lost my appetite before tasting the food. Along with my food, the bag contained a crumpled and soiled napkin or tissue. I am not sure whether it was food or a germ-ridden rag. I called to complain and was told that it was the delivery man's fault, as if that exonerated them. They told me they would credit the order, but this was a lie. I looked them up on the internet and in January of 2008, they failed their inspection with the NYC Health department. Here is a link to the report:http://nyc.everyblock.com/restaurant-inspections/by-date/2008/1/22/700877/. STAY AWAY!

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The food here is pretty good but a bit overpriced, even taking into account the fact that it's organic. A sandwich and small salad (which is more of a coleslaw that is definitely more interesting than the usual Romaine and tomato concoction most restaurants serve up), is around $10 or $11, when I think it should be about $8 or $9.

My friend and I split the tempeh Reuben and the grilled tofu sandwich. Both were really good, but I think the Reuben had more flavor. However, the tofu sandwich came on slightly greasy toasted bread which was delicious. They both also came with a pickle, which made my day. :)

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