St. Olaf Stav Dining Hall

Northfield, Minnesota


rating star

The St. Olaf cafeteria is one of my two favorite places to eat in Northfield. There is always several vegan options, and the food is amazing! Bon Appetit, who operates the cafeteria, says they put a high priority on local, organic food when available. They also do a good job labeling the main entrees when they are vegan or vegetarian. However, most of the sides and sauces are not marked. When I've questioned the staff about which salad dressings, cold salads, or sauces are vegan, it's been hard to get a definitive answer. Ask to see the manager if you have a question like this.

There is a small drink cooler with soy and rice milk. Yes, indulge in all the chocolate soy milk you can drink! Most of the time it is very busy, so I've found it best to go at the beginning of meal times when there are less people. Overall though, it is a great place to eat!

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