Dumpling House Restaurant

Toronto, Ontario


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The place has just reopened after being closed down due to a rat infestation. See freaky pictures and this article in the Toronto Star: Rat-plagued Dumpling House reopened

When visited previously, there were very few vegetarian options on the menu and the place had a musty smell. In the immediate neighbourhood there are several vegetarian restaurants such as King's Cafe which serves nice vegetarian dumplings.

rating star

These are the best dumplings I've ever eaten!

At a dozen dumplings for $4.79 or two dozen for $8.99, we easily had our fill for less than $10 each.

There were several vegetarian options, including a mixed vegetable and a very very yummy spinach and mushroom.

Until you've had these dumplings, you'll never understand how good dumplings can be.

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