No. 1 Chinese Restaurant

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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Their mock -chicken was very dry and gross. Also, the mock chicken had a very distinct and unpleasant after taste. I would pick No 1 chinese restaurant over the others in the area, but I would also rather not eat chinese food.

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Their mock meat is essentially just TVP, but it's still great to have more options than just tofu. I ordered the szechuan "chicken" , and it was delicious. Usually, I ask Chinese restaurants to make my food extra spicy, but I still need to add something at home in order to make it as spicy as I like it. That wasn't the case at No. 1, which I definitely appreciated. No. 1 isn't my favorite Chinese restaurant in Milwaukee, but it's definitely close.

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I enjoy the food. If I'm going to eat Chinese food in Milwaukee, it's going to be General Tso's "Vegetable Chicken" from No. 1 Chinese. The egg rolls aren't great and I'm not a huge fan of the fake beef but the fake chicken is lovely.

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I didn't care for the food at all. I ordered a mock meat dish and the "meat" was really dry and tough. However, a lot of my friends rave about the food and I generally love fake meat and Asian food (I'm vegan), so I think I may have just gone on a bad day.

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