Maxie's Southern Comfort

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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We loved the Tofu Jambalaya! It was blackened tofu which was done really well. It was spicy and hot and a little sweet at the end, they nailed vegan southern comfort food with this entree. We just got back from New Orleans so it was perfect timing to compare the food. The Cajun fries are super good also just skip the sauce, they serve it with cajun mayo.

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This place seems to always be packed at night but you can call up to 30 minutes ahead to put your name in (they don't do traditional reservations).

I had the veggie jambalaya with smoked tofu, and while the jambalaya could have used more flavor and heat, the smoked tofu was outstanding. The BBQ tofu sandwich is also really good, but it's annoying that sometimes it comes on a roll and sometimes on a bun, sometimes has lettuce and tomato, and sometimes is just tofu and bread. It comes with fries but I recommend paying $1 more to get sweet potato fries. The canjun fries (which make a good $5 side dish for 2 or 3 people), are very flavorful and salty and go well with their homemade BBQ sauce.

Our server was very nice, and although he wasn't too sure about what was vegan, he asked the kitchen a million questions and even said he'd encourage them to carry some vegan desserts.

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I've been dying to go here for months, I've heard such good things. I finally got a group of friends from work together (all of them are meat-eaters) and everyone loved it. I had the veggie jambalaya and cajun fries. Holy awesome! The tofu in the dish was smoked, which is an instant gold star for me. The fries were these awesome potato grease bombs that rocked my world. I usually try to avoid greasy food, but sometimes you just have to treat yourself! The atmosphere was great, waitstaff were very friendly, and the food was quite tasty. Highly recommended for a date or for a fun group of people.

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