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Everything is vegan here. We loved the cafeteria 'fill your plate' style of this place. All the food was fresh and delicious. A big plus was ready made sandwiches and brown rice sushi rolls wrapped to-go for the travelers. The desserts should also not be missed.

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Deshima is close to Leidseplein so it's easy to find.

Macrobiotic restaurants, in my experience, always treat flavor as a secondary concern, and the Dutch palate is accustomed to bland food to begin with, so I wasn't surprised that most of the dishes tasted like subtle variations of the same bean and vegetable mush.

I had a few of the stews, one was an earthy black bean concoction, another reminded me of an Ethiopian wat, but a bit more liquidy, and a third supposedly had seitan in it although I saw no evidence of this.

They also had some fried, breaded balls which may have been an attempt at vegan bitterballen.

But, what the place lacks in flavor it makes up for in volume. The €8.50 plate is cheap by Amsterdam standards and the food is hearty and will fill you up much more than dishes at most restaurants here.

And, the chocolate tofu cheesecake I had for desert was remarkably good and was a sizable chunk for €2.50, which I thought was a great deal.

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