Twilight Tea Lounge

Brattleboro, Vermont


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Twilight is a great little tea shop with a good array of vegan baked goods. I had a cowgirl cookie ($2.50) and a small pot of Darjeeling tea ($4 or so). The service was really friendly and knowledgeable, which is great given the wide array of teas to choose from.

The cookie was great and comes from Cafe Evolution in nearby Northampton, MA. They also offered a couple cupcakes, a brownie and a few other tasty-looking desserts.

I only have two gripes: 1) There's not enough seating. There's basically one loveseat, two chairs with a side table and then another small table. As such, you might have trouble finding a spot to sit down. 2) It's cash-only.

Other than that, Twilight is a great little place and I look forward to returning when I'm in Brattleboro!

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The Twilight Tea Lounge is an adorable tea shop that is located underneath of "Knit or Dye" in downtown Brattleboro. As far as I can tell, it is 100% vegan. All of the baked goods sold at Twilight Tea Lounge are sourced from the all-vegan Cafe Evolution in Northampton, MA. On a typical day, there is a good selection of vegan cupcakes, scones, cookies and dessert bars. My favorite baked good (so far) is the vanilla cardamom cupcake. It's important to note that the baked goods are not labeled vegan. However, if you ask, the barista will be happy to tell you that they're all vegan.

The drinks at Twilight Tea Lounge also appear to be completely vegan. If you order chai or other "milk"-based teas, you will be offered a choice of rice or soy milk. Instead of honey, the Twilight Tea Lounge has maple syrup and agave nectar to sweeten your tea.

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