Jerabek's Bohemian Coffeehouse and Bakery

Twin Cities, Minnesota

Closed as of Oct 14 14

63 West Winifred Street
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55107
(651) 228-1245


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A cozy neighborhood coffeehouse, bakery and deli

Restaurant, Coffee/Tea/Juice, Grocery/Bakery/Deli

This Cherokee Heights coffeehouse offers soy milk for use in the Dunn Brothers coffees they brew daily. Other coffee beverages, teas, juices and Italian sodas are reasonably priced. In addition to the oodles of vegetarian-friendly baked goods, there are vegan-friendly sandwiches, fruit salads and other items available. Ask the staffers and they'll hook you up.

This is also an excellent place to bring the kids. In the second room there is a large play area, as well as vintage clothing and locally made gifts and artwork for sale.

Added by Sharyn Morrow on Dec 1 03 (last updated Oct 14 14)

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I went to Jerabek's with high hopes that it was a hidden gem of an independent, family-run cafe in a remote location of the Twin Cities. Ultimately, it didn't fulfill my full hopes, but it does have some charms.

I love the atmosphere there. It seems to attract regulars and lots of locals who sit and read the newspaper over a cup of coffee. It definitely feels like a neighborhood hang-out spot for people young and old alike. The vibe is cozy and familiar.

But they don't offer interesting vegan stuff. I thought they'd have two or three vegan baked goods, but all they had was a "crispie" (a flaky pastry filled with either cherry or apple) which wasn't labeled as being vegan. The staff actually deliberated a while before deciding that it was, in fact, vegan. It was tasty enough and quite cheap ($2) but somehow I have a feeling that it wasn't actually vegan.

They don't have any interesting drinks. They use crappy Oregon Chai like most other places, but their soy milk was a brand I've never seen or heard of (Moon Rose), that was fairly decent.

I like that they give a 15% discount to Minnesota Public Radio members.

In conclusion: Jerabek's has nice atmosphere but isn't all that vegan-friendly or original in its offerings.

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7am - 6:30pm
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