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I ate here three times and liked it better every time. I only tried the buffet--there were more things offered there than I could sample in three visits. Everything was delicious, and it seems like they take care to make things healthful as well as interesting and delicious. Highlights that come to mind are the hummus, which was wonderfully spiced and enlivened by bits of vegetables in it, and a pasta/tofu dish that had delightful flavors I failed to identify. It can get expensive faster than you might expect--just because it's cheaper than Hitl doesn't mean it's cheap--but it the quality to price ratio is excellent, especially given how expensive restaurants are in general in Zurich.

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I was overjoyed when I found Tibits right around the corner from my hotel. After visiting a number of Swiss restaurants that claimed to be vegetarian-friendly (only to find that the only vegetarian items on the menu were covered in cheese), I happened upon Tibits, which not only has approximately half of its buffet options marked with a "V" (for vegan) but also has a few vegan desserts.

The food is not haute cuisine but there's a lot of variety and the prices are reasonable. Most of the food is buffet-style although there are some entrees that can be ordered at the counter. I had some falafel, potatoes in mustard sauce and a couple of tofu dishes. For dessert, there was a vegan apple tart (which was delicious, I might add) and many flavors of sorbet to choose from. Tibits also has a great selection of tea, coffee and juices. The inside part is (what seems to be) one of the few non-smoking restaurants in Zurich.

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