Bona Dea

Zurich, Switzerland


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It has the aura of a fine restaurant...and the prices to match, at least by US standards, but I didn't find the food very exciting. They were running a weekend special of as many trips as you like for 32 CHF, and on my second trip I didn't find myself interested in much. The Dal was bland and the curries overly salty. On the upside, the range of foods was a lot broader than most US Indian buffets, with a good range of salad bar items, plain cooked spinach, and other miscellaneous foods.

As Lola mentioned, the pricing structure is unusual, so be sure you understand it and fill your plate accordingly to take full advantage of what you pay!

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Most of the vegan food at Bona Dea seems to be Indian-inspired. The main attraction is the buffet, which contains a number of vegan options and is priced per size of plate and per number of trips to the buffet (so the food is not weighed). The best part about Bona Dea is that it's right inside the main train station in Zurich. It's ideal for a traveller in need of a quick vegetarian or vegan meal. The food is pretty decent, although I don't think I would have gone if it hadn't been for the convenience of the location.

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