Uwajimaya Beaverton

Portland, Oregon


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This place is huge!
And they have a lot of vegetarian and vegan food. My favorites so far are the dumplings -- mushroom dumplings, kimchee dumplings!, leek, and of course the regular vegetable ones. You can also find various unusual items like veggie fish, delicious mushrooms, other fruits and veggies, spices, etc.
I'm just giving them 3 stars for a few reasons.
I didn't totally enjoy digging through pork dumplings and all the smelly meat. And I don't like seeing tons of live lobsters waiting to be bought and boiled alive. I also got a bit frustrated finding seemingly vegan things that were actually not vegan.
They also don't have a ton of organic food; they have some, but you have to really pay attention to spot it among many non-organic varieties.
Veggies and fruit do not come in organic varieties, but of course, you can find more selection of certain veggies and fruit that you don't see in regular stores.
The prices are decent, but don't assume that things will be cheaper; soy milk, for example, is more expensive than the same soy milk at Safeway or Whole Foods.
This is not a place I would go to regularly, but I'll go back once every few months to get a few special things.

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