Tiffin Wallah

Manhattan, New York City


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I used to love this place...until I started dating somebody there that told me more about the owner and their policies. I ate at their lunch buffet at least once a week and had dinner a few time (liked the spicy potato/jalapeno dosa)

There is always plenty of staff, ready to help you, but they are paid below minimum wage and the owner actually steals ALL the tips left on the table and in the tip jar at the register (the owner rings up people 90% of the time). Not only is this unethical, but it is illegal in New York City. He gets away with it because most of his staff are illegal immigrants who are afraid to say anything.

The lunchtime buffet is all vegetarian and the owner was always very friendly and willing to show me the few items that weren't vegan. I later learned from my boyfriend that there were many non-vegan dishes that the owner tried passing off as vegan (either they contained milk and/or ghee, including the chapattis, which the owner specifically said are vegan).

The owner is very disrespectful and unappreciative of the staff, forcing most of them to work 6 12-hour days per week, not paying any over time. He even forces the delivery guys to provide their own bikes and doesn't give them helmets, lights, or reflective gear.

If you are vegan based on ethics, I strongly encourage you to not patronize this restaurant, as the owner is very unethical in dealing with his staff. In fact, I encourage you to call the owner and complain.

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