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I wish there was one store that sold every product I adore, but that just does not seem to be the case. However, I find Mississippi Market on West 7th Street to be a great combination of super friendly staff/customers, not too crowded parking lot and aisles, large selection of organic produce (much of which is not wrapped in plastic which I prefer), a nice salad bar/deli area that they will custom make some items for you (such as sandwhiches and burritos both with vegan options).

They do not carry every brand and item I would like them too, but they are open to suggestions on what products to offer. I wrote them asking them to carry the Tofurky vegan pizza and within a month or so they began to carry it.

To me the biggest reason I love this place is the staff. They are all super helpful in helping you verify ingredients, find an item, and are open to special orders. One day they were out of fresh vegan muffins. I was really craving one and was talking to the bakery employee about this. She offered to make up a batch on the spot! I ordered 6 to have some to take home to freeze. In 45 minutes I had fresh, hot vegan banana chocolate chip muffins. Other times, I check the bakery menu and call the day ahead and order a batch to be set aside for me. They are very easy to work with and want to please their customers. They also have a nice sitting area that is very relaxing, along with a classroom where they offer a variety of educational opportunities.

I should note, I live in Apple Valley and prefer to drive up to this coop versus going to others that are closer to my house. That is how friendly they are and are such a nice relaxing place to shop.

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I like the new, larger location of this Mississippi Market. However, it has a few major flaws: for one thing, there are fewer vegan baked goods and deli products here than at the other location.

Secondly, while the store is bigger, the check-out area is remarkably cramped and they didn't have enough people working the individual aisles. I don't think they're using their larger space wisely.

Lastly, everything here is absurdly expensive, even by co-op standards. For example, a package of Field Roast sausages costs $7 here, as opposed to $5 at Whole Foods. The half-size containers of Silk soymilk were $3.89 here---you could get DOUBLE the quantity, for $3.30 or even less, at The Wedge or Whole Foods. Mississippi Market, that's just unacceptable.

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Best place in the whole world.

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I've worked near this Mississippi Market for a couple years and it's one of the few places I can reliably pick up vegan food for lunch. As often as not they have a vegan soup available and there's always something in the small deli section that I will eat. I go there so frequently for lunch that I've now started doing most of my grocery shopping there as well. Also, the staff is awesome.

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I love this co-op. It's my new favorite in the twin cities, by far. They have tons of vegan items for their size, and several that I haven't seen in other co-ops. I, too, saw the vegan donut holes (but didn't try them) as well as vegan donuts (not made fresh there, but still!), and vegan chocolate covered raisins in the bulk section. I realize I am writing only about junk foods, but they also have a nice produce section, and their service was top-notch. Way better than the Selby store's. Almost every employee smiled at me, and two of them were more friendly, offering help. I heart this place.

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They've got vegan chocolate donut holes there. In a box. They're Nutrilicious.

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It is a pretty small co-op but the staff is always friendly and you will find many choices that you couldn't at the larger grocery stores.

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The "old" Mississippi Market has a tendency to carry vegan items that cannot be found at the other co-ops in the area (e.g. good vegan cheese, or at least the kind that melts well and doesn't taste like plastic). it's worth the trip, even if you drive by 4 other co-ops to get there.

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