Little Anthony's

Albany, New York
1095 Central Ave
# A
Albany, New York 12205
(518) 459-5959


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Serving vegan pizza

Little Anthony's is vegan owned and it serves various types of pizza, including vegan chicken or meatball with Daiya cheese, vegan chicken parmesan and vegan cheesesteak sandwiches, and vegan specials like lasagna. Don't confuse this location with the all vegan branch of Little Anthony's.

Note: they only take cash.

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Man, oh man, is this place fantastic. Not only do they have amazing vegan pizza, they have vegan specials like lasagna and macaroni bake. Non-vegan restaurants very rarely have vegan specials so seeing a big sign that said "Special-Vegan Lasagna, Garlic Bread, and Soda - $7" made me and my wallet very happy. This place is also using Daiya cheese, which was a big surprise since I'm a jerk from NYC and I don't expect smaller towns to be hip to Daiya yet.

I started with the vegan lasagna special and was quite pleased. The lasagna wasn't the most flavorful thing in the world (I like REALLY bold flavors) so I spruced it up w/ red hot pepper and garlic powder and was good to go. The garlic bread was decent on it's own, but was even better with some extra sauce from the lasagna, which was quite plentiful.

I also had a slice of the vegan chicken and Daiya cheese pizza (fabulous) and the vegan meatball and Daiya cheese pizza (good). The vegan chicken had a great texture and I'm pretty sure it's the same kind from May Wah distributors in NYC Chinatown. The vegan meatballs, which were apparently homemade, were a little dry, but one of the employees told me that's because they tried using a different breadcrumb but they weren't satisfied with the texture either so they'll work on it. My favorite part of the pizza was the crust. The crust was soft and chewy and obviously homemade. I absolutely loved it.

The workers there told me that about half their sales come from vegan stuff and that my gigantic order put that day's total over 50% vegan. Allow me to pat myself on the back. They also said I could buy Daiya from them since it's HALF the price of what it goes for in NYC, but they were running low and couldn't spare it (perhaps I'll plan ahead next time).

This place is so charming. The food is good, the people are nice, and the prices are super low. I got a large and satisfying lasagna and garlic bread special for only $7, and two BIG ASS slices of vegan pizza (each was about 1/4 pie), for $2.75 each. The plain vegan cheese slices are $2 and they only charge 75 cents for the veggie meat topping, which is beyond reasonable.


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$ - inexpensive

Cash Only


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two huge slices of pizza with vegan Daiya cheese - one with vegan chicken and one with vegan meatballs

two huge slices of pizza with vegan Daiya cheese - one with vegan chicken and one with vegan meatballs

vegan lasagna and garlic bread


11am - 9:30pm
11am - 11pm
11am - 9:30pm

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