The Raw Deal

Menomonie, Wisconsin


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I try to stop in here on the way to or from my grandparent's Wisconsin farm. Always worth the several mile detour away from the interstate.

As raw vegan food normally is, the bites can be a bit pricey, but the stuffed tomato and stuffed mushroom I've had were both delicious. I did not try any of their drinks.

It's a college town, so there tend to be quite a few students in there doing homework. The space is huge and warm.. seems like it would be a great place if you need to get some creative work done.

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The prices tend to be a little high and the food can be hit-or-miss. Also, I don't think that they are 100% vegan anymore as they have milk for their coffee drinks and sell dairy yogurt.

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Ordered some of the raw vegan snacks from here over in web. Small portions but good quality. The raw Oreo cookies were fab!!

In the cafe though it's inconsistent with their food. The dehydrated crackers were not good very bland & not crispy but the bread was actually some of the best raw bread I've had. It was moist and had a nice texture and flavor to it. The raw lasagna was good (marinated mushrooms and zucchini) but the raw pesto noodle dish was actually nasty and too hard & dry to taste like noodles. The deserts were awesome we had the raspberry pie & the chocolate nut cake, both were worth coming back for and were very fresh tasting and not too sweet. Over all I would stop here again if ever in the area but wouldn't go out of my way for it since the stuff you can order online tasted better overall.

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this place is always good for a drop-by when i'm in wi. the food is decent (though cold) but the desserts have never been a let-down!
very good smoothies, juice and coffee!

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I give The Raw Deal an extra star for being gutsy enough to serve raw vegan food in an area known for cheese curds and bratwurst. Indeed, as the person working there told me, The Raw Deal's food has "challenged" many locals.

The cafe itself is enormous---probably 6,000 square feet of vast, open space with a small balcony area, too. When I went an old man was reading a newspaper at the counter and a young guy had fallen asleep on a 1970s floral-pattern sofa. It was otherwise empty with Norah Jones' tinny voice barely carrying in the expanse.

The desolation and eerie silence of The Raw Deal was a bit off-putting. I felt like every time I chewed my tasty, well-made "green burrito" ($5.95) the noise echoed around the empty, gigantic space. They might do well to get some more furniture and decorations and maybe add some steady programming.

The food is made elsewhere and varies from day to day but is all raw and all vegan. It's on par with the quality of Ecopolitan (for those of you from Minneapolis) and there's a wide variety of dessert options. I tried two flavors of "Lil Cups of Heaven" bon-bons, both of which were good, but only consisted of two bites and cost $2.25 a piece. A slice of choco-pie was also delicious and super-filling (it could have been a meal in itself) and cost a more reasonable $4.95, which is about right, considering the size of it. They don't have soy milk as an option for drinks, but they do have almond milk, which was a pleasant surprise.

The service is friendly and the location is quaint in old Menomonie. The place is entirely family-run and apparently gramps even hand-grinds the coffee himself. If you're from the Twin Cities and headed toward Madison/Milwaukee/Chicago, it's a convenient pit stop as it's located only two miles off of I-94. It'd be a nice place to take a day trip, too, as there are lakes and trails within walking distance of the cafe.

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I go here everytime I visit my mom's house. They have really great smoothies (made with - actual fruit! that they juice right there to order). They have raw vegan treats also, I've had a few of the desserts (cream cheez brownie was awesome!) and have also bought some raw nuts. My only complaint would be that they are a little pricey. Definitely worth a stop though!

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