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Just left dinner and my stomach is feeling queasy. Overall the food was very greasy. The waitress was nice, but we had to ask for forks for the appetizers (they were covered in sweet and sour sauce) and ask for plates to split the two very different dishes we got.

I'm not sure what the worst part was; I got a mouthful of chicken when we were brought the wrong kind of dumpling, the steamed tofu dish had good seasoning but used obviously frozen vegetables, the music was turned up loud enough that we had to yell to each other despite the fact there was only one other couple there during our dinner, the bathroom looked like it hadn't been scrubbed down in ages as the grime of hand prints covered the door, but I think my "favorite" part was that an employee we suspect was the cook had TWO whiskys in the under 60 minutes we were there. Perhaps this explains some things.

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I was not at all impressed with this place. The waitress was very friendly, and tried very hard to speak English, which she was not fluent in, but I thought the food was below average.

A friend and I split the veggie platter for two and it was decent, but not great. There was a good assortment of vegetables on the platter but none of them stood out as having outstanding flavor.

A friend ordered the spicy tofu stirfry, which was odd to find on an Ethiopian menu and didn't taste at all Ethiopian, but was appreciated by him, as he doesn't like injera bread. I tried his stirfry, and just like my veggie platter, it was decent, but not great.

I'd eat here again if all my dining companions were set on it, but I definitely wouldn't chose it as a top pick.

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We split the 2-person vegie (sic) combo and it was delicious; as was the lentil sambusa and roti appetizer. Reasonably nice ambiance (except for the television above the bar). The waitress seemed to understand our vegan requirement and was sufficiently attentive. I would happily return.

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T's place has great atmosphere with lots of space and a bar and live music on some nights. Also, their food is tasty and unusual, particularly the vegan dishes like "yesawir wot," which feature wonderfully-spiced and flavored lentils, alongside a big, fluffy, spongy rice pancake. It reminded me of South Indian food, but had distinctly different flavors and a hearty, home-cooked feel. It's not often that one gets to eat Ethiopian food. The food here is not oily or greasy or heavy; it fills lightly and you feel satisfied. Their spicy tofu was also delicious. My only complaints are with the service and the menu---the online menu features only some of the vegan dishes they offer (they're labeled online), but their actual, in-restaurant menu doesn't label what's vegan and what's not (many of the dishes are lacto-vegetarian). So unless you've memorized the online menu, you're out of luck if you're vegan. Similarly, when I asked the waitress about ingredients, she didn't seem to know. The food comes out quickly, but service is otherwise slow and inattentive. Also, the first time I went, the main cook was unavailable, so I couldn't order half the menu. The next time I went, the cook was available, but the restaurant was mysteriously "half-open" and they kept the door locked, forcing people to knock on the window to gain entrance. All in all, the service and menu have much room to improve, but the food is unusual, tasty and lovingly-prepared.

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I dined there with a group yesterday. The food was excellent. Good selection of vegetarian dishes. The service was very friendly, and the kitchen served it up fast. Street parking can be a challenge. Also do not park behind the building. The atmosphere is warm, but I think the bar dominates the setting a little more than it should. Overall a unique place and a good experience.

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Yes the food is great. I love the injera bread with just about anything, and their Asian cuisine is par excellent. However on the occasions when I have dined in their wait staff was very slow and inattentive.

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Chef T is back! The Ethiopian side of the partnership that was Singapore in Minneapolis has opened his own place on E. Lake. A very comfortable setting with a full bar. All the favorites are there from the mouthwatering Roti to Captain's Curry to Ethiopian Bean Curd.

It's been two years since I've had T's phenomenal cuisine but have stayed in constant contact. He's created an excellent restaurant with all of the great elements (food, friendliness) and none of the bad (slow service, spotty hours).

T has put a lot of time, effort and, obviously, money into creating the soothing, warm atmosphere. He has even brought in live music on Wednesday's.

Please support this man. He has waited a long time to bring back the superb food from his earlier partnership with Chef Lee. And you will not be let down. If you liked it before, you will absolutely love it now.

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